Kinko’s to drop packet program

By Daniel McMahon

Kinko’s Copy Center will discontinue its CourseWorks program at its campus stores at the end of this year.

CourseWorks, Kinko’s program for educators which allows them to create custom course packets for their students, is being discontinued on Dec. 31, 1993 to allow for a new advanced electronic communications system. “When professors use our branch office as their own office, for packets or whatever, we have lines out the door,” said Derak Fenwick, manager at the 901 E. Lucinda store.

The CourseWorks program enables a professor to create a packet that will supplement a textbook or enhance the classroom lecture by stating the overall objectives in a given course or be used as a study guide. “We recommended that professors use the on-reserve system at the NIU library,” Fenwick added, “and obtain packets at local copy stores.”

Kinko’s new advanced computer system will be rolled out over the next two to three years to locations nationwide.

Dan Frederickson, president of Kinko’s Service Corporation, said, “Although we will no longer offer CourseWorks, Kinko’s remains committed to serving the needs of the academic community by offering new electronic publishing options in addition to our wide range of services,” he said.

Kinko’s plans also include a major expansion of services at all stores located near college and university campuses to provide a full range of communication capabilities including desktop publishing, color printing and mail services.