We have far to go

Looking back in history can be a good measure of a country’s progress. In the Dred Scott case of 1857 the Supreme Court said that: slaves, even freed slaves and all their decendants, had no rights protected by the Constitution and that states had no right to abolish slavery. In 1973 the court said that unborn children had no rights. The proposed “Freedom of Choice Act” if passed will take away states rights on abortion. The parallel of these court decisions is nearly identical.

Have we as a nation really come that far since 1957? Our country has now allowed another such atrocity, against the most defenseless group possible, unborn babies, to go on.

Abortion is a very profitable industry! We all know what lengths the tobacco companies have gone to in selling to their potential lifetime customers—$$$. The abortion industry does the same thing using any means possible to sell women abortions—$$$. Bringing the woman’s “choice” issue into the abortionists propaganda was a very good selling tool for them. It has been used to confuse the issue of what the debate over abortion is really about: the termination of an innocent baby’s life. A neglected part of abortion is the exploitation of the mother (for profit) and her likely future remorse. The abortionist runs an efficient, highly profitable business—full payment due in advance.

When will the unborn children in this country again be granted the same rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that we all enjoy?


Malta resident