Keyes rips media

By Kevin Wick

Alan Keyes, Illinois’ Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, accused the news media of lying and influencing elections during a speech on Tuesday in DuSable Hall.

Keyes gave his speech in front of an American public opinion political science class and talked about perception versus reality.

News stories are fabrications, and there is very little respect given to the true story, Keyes said.

Keyes spoke in length about the media, saying that its main purpose is to make money rather than report news. Broadcast news is not information; it is entertainment, he said.

He said if there is not a story, the media will create a situation via a provocative question in order to strike interest. Therefore, the outcome of political races is determined by the perceptions that were created, Keyes said.

“Perception is like an illusion performed by a magician. It makes you see something that diverts your attention from the truth in order to deceive you,” Keyes said.

He said many times that politicians use the force of someone’s ignorance to lie to them via polls and media information.

If elected, Keyes said he wants to introduce a bill forbidding publication of polls within 45 days of being administered. Keyes questioned whether or not polls had any use to the public, saying that polls only influence people to go along with the majority.

The secret ballot was created so influence by results does not occur, so no one chooses based on intimidation, Keyes said.

“The system of self-government is dying,” Keyes said.