Ridiculous actions

I pay student fees like 25,000 plus students at NIU. I therefore pay, or help to fund The Northern Star. I consider The Northern Star to be a valuable source of information and an instrument to express ideas. I look forward to reading this publication each and every day. Although I may not always agree with the opinions of Star columnists, I believe the First Amendment reserves their right to express their ideas.

I attended the protest “meeting” sponsored by several Latino and African American interest groups on Tuesday. The “meeting” was a farce—Surprise!! Being a senior, I have seen the racial mud slinging back and forth between “people of color”, which is the new and improved term for minority, and shall I dare to say “evil while people.” What more do these groups want? Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of my opportunities for personal growth being halted by the workings of MINORITY power. Northern Illinois University is a breeding ground for reverse discrimination. Minority students, interestingly enough, have the audacity to cry racism if they don’t get their way. Unfortunately, every administrator at this school ends up agreeing with them, in the long run.

Honestly, I find it ironic that such a small percentage of students have the idea that they can dictate what goes on. It’s not their fault that Caucasian people, for the most part, are apathetic and don’t voice their opinions, however the percentage of minority student fees is not, in itself, what supports this university. It is the fees of EVERY student that enable the brand new Center for Black Studies, for example, to be built. Gee, correct me if I’m wrong, but can you direct me to the Center for White Studies? I didn’t think so. It all boils down to color, does it not?

I know of many of the black leaders the African American community hails as their heroes. I am privileged to consider some black people friends and family. I am also the first to admit that being raised on the south side of Chicago has instilled many racial prejudices in my outlook on like. I can also honestly say, however, that those opinions will not change until minorities realize that the world does not owe them anything. Work and dedication are the only ingredients in the success recipe. Defensiveness and militarism will get you absolutely nowhere.

I commend Eric Krol and Phil Dalton for their outstanding journalistic abilities. I pity the people who feel it necessary to use their race to get what they want. Maybe these people should take a course in reality to analyze their behavior and realize the ridiculousness of their implications. Better yet, change your major to journalism and bully the evil white editors into giving you a daily front page byline. Why, the editors will undoubtedly ask? The reply will surely be, because I’m a minority and I deserve it. Yea, right.



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