Offensive letter

I am writing in response to Brenda Sanger’s article concerning saving Otto’s.

I was personally offended when Sanger said that she “empathized” with someone that had to endure a “frat party” to see one of her favorite bands.

Sanger is referring to Phi Kappa Sigma’s 25th Anniversary party on Saturday, April 24.

About 95 guys put their heart and soul into getting that party off the ground and proceeds are going to the Leukemia Society of DeKalb.

I am not writing this in search of a pat on the back but rather in disappointment that a journalist, a person able to influence the way society thinks, is using The Northern Star as a personal forum to air her pre-conceived prejudices.

I was also upset at the recent closing of Otto’s; it is a place I frequented often. In fact, Phi Kappa Sigma, the very fraternity in which you were bashing, is sponsoring the Save Otto’s Fund.

Granted the greek system has some inherent flaws, but what part of our society does not?

As I asked around my fraternity house I could not find anyone who had ever met you. So before you go writing about a party you never attended and people you have never met, extend us the courtesy of reserving passing judgement on us. We would do the same for you!