Republican state’s attorney candidate campaigns at NIU

By Kevin Wick

Clay Campbell, Republican candidate for DeKalb County state’s attorney, said at Thursday’s College Republicans meeting that he wants to talk with the NIU Department of Public Safety to help inform students about the law.

Campbell, a 1991 graduate of NIU’s School of Law, worked as a trial lawyer until Aug. 13, when he resigned to focus on his campaign.

“You can change the complexion of the State of Illinois,” Campbell said.

Campbell said talk of current State’s Attorney Ron Matekaitis, a Democrat running unopposed, was motivation to run.

“He was going to run unopposed, but I couldn’t let that happen because I felt I was more qualified,” Campbell said. “I want to get involved in the felony courtroom, and I want to work with the budget, because I think that the state is spending too much. I feel that if we work together, we can spend more efficiently.”

Illinois is mostly a Democratic state, Campbell said. However, he said he does not want to live in a state where there is one party.

One student praised Campbell for his courtroom appeal.

“What I like about him is that he tells it like it is,” said Eric Johnson, president of the NIU College Republicans. “He always makes good arguments and he’s much more experienced in the courtroom than Matekaitis.”