Surprised by edit

I was surprised by your editorial on the Waco standoff. A brief history lesson on the FBI:

In 1934 the FBI had no problems killing innocent American citizens in their relentless attempt to bring down John Dillinger. In the 1960’s the FBI cranked up a domestic spy operation that wiretapped Dr. Martin Luther King, the NAACP, VISTA volunteers, the Better Government Association and a variety of church and anti-war groups which used dangerous tactics, causing deaths, family break-ups and injuries and totally disregarded the rights of American citizens, not to mention the deaths of scores of people and the false imprisonment of many more. Their overuse of deadly force, their instigation of violent acts by others got them censored by the U.S. Congress—which clearly did not condone their undemocratic actions. (See the Senate Report 94-755 Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans, Senator Frank Church, Chairman).

Then there was the 1970s and their war on the American Indian Movement (AIM) at Wounded Knee, South Dakota. Again violent, and again getting innocent people killed.

The point is who is to blame in the Waco standoff is very important. The FBI has been censored over and over for its utter disregard for the lives of innocent people and the rights of Americans simply because they are involved in an unpopular activity. Let’s look at the facts:

There was a group in Waco that was storing guns, granted. (That’s not necessarily a violation of the law). They had been identified as a cult (by the press). I never heard them call themselves that. I assume people will behave rationally, unless they prove otherwise. Now then, this group of people was in a standoff with law enforcement. My first thought is they were afraid to surrender. Why? Maybe because they shot some law enforcement people and were afraid to face the consequences. Or maybe the law came in shooting. I don’t know. Then they reportedly all burn themselves to death! Are we suppose to believe that? Even psychotic people fear fire. And given the FBI’s past history, I want to know what happened and I think everyone should want to know. Not to investigate this previously undemocratic agency, which claims to have reformed, would be ludicrous.


History Instructor