A proposal to all

I would like to condemn Eric Krol and ask for his resignation from The Northern Star in response for his article in which he used a single term to describe various people of Latino descent. Does he not know, that it is ignorant to assume that all Latinos are from the same descent? These cultural differences are very important in a world in which everyone takes themselves seriously.

I would also like to condemn the centuries of anguish European Americans have under gone from being lump-summed with the term “Whites!” This term saddens me with despair. How can the establishment be so insensitive? I myself am of Polish and Irish descent and I expect to be considered an Irish-Pol, not a “White!”

I here by am requesting the resignation of all Star journalists who use this intolerable writing practice. I also would like to invite all of the Irish_Pols on NIU’s campus to meet in front of the Casimir Pulaski Commons to hold hands and unite tomorrow afternoon … NOT!



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