Destructive STS students sought

By Kevin Lyons

Things can get a little ugly and expensive when the roosters try to take over the hen house. This is the case of one particular Stevenson Towers South Residence Hall floor.

Patty Hall, Stevenson Towers South director, is working with NIU Police to flush out a group of rambunctious individuals responsible for more than $1,000 in floor damage, which Hall considers very high.

Floor 6-B has been the victim of a series of attacks including broken windows, graffiti, holes punched in walls, urine in hallways and broken fire extinguishers, sources said.

“These people don’t respect the environment or the people they live with,” Hall said of the unknown group of students.

She said she knows it’s a group of students who are responsible for the damages, based on conversations she has had with the residence hall floor adviser and several students.

“The floor conditions are really kind of gross,” she said and expressed wonder at why students would want to live in such conditions. “They do things intentionally to destroy the floor.”

She said NIU Police have been on the floor several times this year to try and solve the dilemma, but while things have cooled down a little, the responsible party has not been determined.

“The floor probably hasn’t had any more write ups than other floors because we don’t know who to write up,” Hall said.

She said several floor meetings have been held to thwart the damage but little has been done. Additionally, Hall said students on the floor have expressed more apathy than fear regarding the damage or the need to point out a responsible party.

“Unfortunately, they’d rather have every guy pay $2 or $3 than find the individuals responsible for the damage,” Hall said.

Hall said the floor RA is doing a decent job despite the damage.

She said she expects major changes for next year as only eight or nine students out of 43 on the all-male floor are planning to return to the floor next year.