Students elect for SA change


After two days of voting and hours of counting ballots for the Student Association elections, Abe Andrzejewski won the SA presidency.

The new president will be working with David Gonzalez, who won the office of SA vice president and Virginia Welch, the new SA treasurer.

Andrzejewski was the clear winner receiving 58 percent of the 1,956 ballots cast, trouncing incumbent SA President Paul Middleton and SA senator Eric Grice.

Middleton, coming in second, received 23 percent of the votes garnering 450 ballots in his favor. Grice received 15 percent of the ballots cast.

“It’s a strong indication that students are in favor of a politically cohesive senate and a multi-cultural curriculum,” Andrzejewski said.

Gonzalez, who was Andrzejewski’s running mate, said students responded positively because they want change.

“People like what we stood for,” he said. “When we get into office we are going to stick to our platform and get the job done.”

Andrzejewski said he was impressed with the great effort put into his campaign.

“What’s outstanding about this campaign is that everyone pulled together,” Andrzejewski said. “Greeks worked with non-greeks, and on-campus people worked with off-campus people.”

Because Andrzejewski received more than 50 percent of the votes, a run-off was not necessary. Last year, Middleton won the election in a run-off against opponent Jodie English.

“I had prepared myself for a run-off,” Election Commissioner Laura Niesman said, adding she expected a run-off because of all of the candidate’s intense campaigning efforts.

Nonetheless, Middleton said he is confident Andrzejewski will do a good job in his new position.

“I have already begun preparing a transition team to brief the incoming officers of the many projects and goals for which our administration has been working on,” he said. “I believe Andrzejewski will find this a much more challenging position than anticipated, and I want to make sure that my current staffs’ efforts are not forgotten.”

Welch, the only candidate running unopposed, said she was disappointed in the overall voter turnout but still is excited about her new position.

“I’m disappointed my running mates didn’t get elected, but I think that Abe and Dave and I will work well together,” she said.

Anna Bicanic, losing vice presidential candidate, said her opponents did an excellent job campaigning and hoped they would work as hard next year in their new positions.

Grice was unavailable for comment.

The winners will take over their new positions June 1.