New managers, editors chosen for Northern Star

By Lesley Rogers

The Northern Star has announced its new managerial team for the upcoming fall semester:

‘Editor in Chief: Jami Peterson

‘Managing Editor: Kevin Lyons

‘Editorial Editor: Tina Gonzales

‘Campus Editor: Brian Slupski

‘Assistant Campus Editor: Wendy Arquilla

‘City Editor: Rob Heselbarth

‘Special Projects Editor: Jerry Lawrence

‘Writing Coach: Sabryna Cornish

‘Copydesk Editor: Hilary Lee

‘Wire Editor: Tim Brynda

‘Sports Editor: Brian Wiencek

‘Assistant Sports Editor: Brian Hayes

‘Photo Editor: Dave Kennel

‘Assistant Photo Editor: Don Forsell

‘Features Editor: Gina Fanelli

‘Advertising Manager: Jim Murphy

‘Billing Manager: Brian Koenings

‘Public Relations Managers: Erika Morris, Marci Nicoletto

‘Payroll Manager: Andrea Kaapke

‘Classified Manager: Jessica Buchert

‘Ad Production Manager: Laura Whitman

‘Night News Editor: Jen McLaughlin

‘Systems Manager: Tom Collins

After being editor in chief for the past two semesters, Cornish is giving up her reign of the newspaper.

“It will be hard to give up being editor in chief after so long, but change is always good,” Cornish said.

“I will always remember being the last editor in chief of Campbell Hall and the first editor in chief of Altgeld Hall,” she said.

Peterson said she is excited to take over as chief of the newspaper. “We plan to develop more in-depth and exciting stories and show them off with stronger graphics and design,” she said.

“I have a lot of new ideas and I’m very excited about following through on them.”

Lyons said he is looking forward to the fall semester. One of his top priorities will be to improve the issues page of the paper.

“My main focus is going to be getting more out of our editorial staff,” Lyons said. “We’ve got a lot of talented people who just need a little more attention and guidance.”

Lyons also said sarcastically he is “really glad we’re getting rid of that Andy Plonka guy. He keeps bringing his smelly mutt in here.” Plonka could not be reached for comment.

Cornish expressed her optimism about the upcoming semester. “The new editors will bring a new kind of freshness to the paper that will make it better,” Cornish said.