SA hears budget proposals

By Deanna Cabinian

The Student Association Finance Committee heard budget proposals from eight student organizations at Wednesday’s meeting.

Colleges Against Cancer requested $400 for fiscal year 2005, which is the most any newly funded organization can be allocated. A request was made for fliers and promotional materials because they usually have to pay for that out of their own pocket, CAC President Amy Garrison said.

CAC was denied SA funding last year and didn’t know why.

The Association for the Latino Movement and Accreditation was another organization denied funding by the SA last year. It requested more than the $400 allowed for newly funded organizations. Jesse Perez, faculty advisor for the group, said the group was funded last year by the Provost’s Office, the Center for Latino Studies and other organizations on campus. Those organizations might not be able to fund it next year because of the budget.

NIU’s Black Choir also requested more funds to go toward travel costs. Kristal Sutton, president of the choir, said hotel costs have gone up and that the choir would like to do an additional workshop at Southern Illinois University next year.

The Latino Cultural Awareness Committee requested more money for fliers and food for events. The committee also wanted $500 to donate to a philanthropic organization. However, SA treasurer Drew Josephson said they don’t want to use student fees for charity.

NIU’s Fencing Club requested $800 to go toward new equipment. Jonathan Warnock, treasurer of the fencing club, said the club gets a lot of beginners who tend to handle the equipment roughly at first.

The Fencing Club wasn’t funded last year because it forgot to turn in a budget, and it was up for an appeal but did not attend, Josephson said. However, he said they were allocated $866 in FY03.

The Indian Student Association and the Southeast Asia Club also made their requests, most of which was for money for facility rental and audio/visual equipment usage for events.