City fines Amnesia

By Libby John

Amnesia nightclub received a $4,500 fine and 90-day suspension for liquor violations that occurred the weekend of Dec. 4.

The establishment, 1000 W. Lincoln Highway, only needs to serve 45 days of its suspension, which started Monday. It will have to serve the remaining 45 days only if it has another liquor violation within two years.

The suspension will last until March 23, and the remaining 15 days will be served from June 1 to June 16.

City Attorney Margo Ely said the split is so the burden won’t be too heavy on Amnesia.

The establishment has a Class A liquor license.

Amnesia was charged with allowing 15 underagers to enter its establishment Dec. 4.

Also, manager James Sanfilippo told the organizer of a party held Dec. 5 to have those over 21 years old pass their IDs to underage patrons. Patrons were charged $10 at the door for an unlimited amount of draft beer.

Sanfilippo no longer will be manager at Amnesia, and the bouncers who worked those nights no longer will be bouncers, Ely said.

The establishment violated sections 38.21, 38.23 and 38.30 of the DeKalb Municipal Code.

Amnesia also got a new $30,000 system to help check IDs.

Jordan Gallagher, who represented Amnesia, said the new system includes 16 cameras that are installed around the establishment. When an ID is swiped, it will be shown with a picture of the person who is giving the ID.

Gallagher said the system has been in place for about three weeks and already has caught two underagers.

He also said the only other place he knew of that had this kind technology was Molly’s Eatery & Drinkery, 1022 W. Lincoln Highway.

Dec. 5, which is one of the nights under investigation, also was the night of the alleged NIU football team recruit party.

School officials already said the party was not NIU-affiliated, and a committee was established to investigate that incident and recruiting processes at NIU.

George Shur, former general counsel and chair of the committee, said the outcome of the Amnesia hearing will not affect the investigation.

Starbusters Bar & Grill, 930 Pappas Drive, also was scheduled to have a hearing, but it was rescheduled for 4 p.m on March 15.

That establishment was charged with allowing two minors under the age of 21 into the premises on Oct. 4.