Fannie May Co. bought out

By Deanna Cabinian

A Utah-based candy company announced Wednesday it had struck a deal to purchase the Fannie May name and its recipes. The company is expected to continue selling the candies that have been part of Chicago history for more than 84 years.

Ron Bottrell, spokesman for Archibald Candy Corporation, the Chicago-based company that owned Fannie May, said a deal was signed with Alpine Confections Inc. on Tuesday. However, he said he could not disclose the specifics of the agreement.

There are still assets of the Fannie May company that have to be discussed, Bottrellsaid.

Bottrell said Alpine agreed to purchase the Fannie May and Fanny Farmer brands, but he could not say whether other aspects of the Fannie May company will be involved.

“For sure, it’s the name,” he said.

Archibald’s Board of Directors put the Fannie May stores up for sale “some months ago,” Bottrell said. He added that there were several prospective buyers but couldn’t disclose who those other buyers were.

Archibald announced on Jan. 5 that it would be selling the businesses and it would shut down its Chicago manufacturing plant, putting 625 employees out of work.

Although a buyer has been found for the Fannie May name, all 248 existing stores in 12 states are expected to close by Feb. 15, Bottrell said. It will be up to Alpine to decide whether to reopen them.