Dramatic change

John is a good student Regent. He is doing a great job.” Remember these words you spoke to me a few weeks ago, Ms. Sabryna Cornish? I sure do. In fact I remember them exactly verbatim. I find it extremely interesting (and absolutely pathetic) that your opinion of John Butler has dramatically changed so quickly only because of one issue that you have a personal interest in.

Your faculty adviser, Jerry Thompson, told students that the Northern Star DOESN’T NEED STUDENT FEES (which are currently being put into a reserve fund just in case the Star needs the money.) John is trying to eliminate extremely wasteful spending at the expense of students. By doing his job and being an advocate of students, he thinks (along with many others) that ANY organization that says they do NOT need student fees shouldn’t get them! What part don’t you understand? It escapes me as to why the editorial board has such great difficulty in grasping such a simple concept. Complete idiots could figure this much out, why can’t the editorial board? If Regent Butler had spent fifteen minutes speaking against the athletic fee increase, as opposed to students unnecessarily funding the Star, he would have been praised instead of maliciously slandered. Why is it that thinks it deserves special treatment? Not only does the Star want in excess of $50,000 a year from students to put in a reserve account, they also wanted to be SA-recognized so they could siphon even more money out of students’ pockets! The SA requires all SA-recognized organizations to abide by the SA constitution, which basically requires fair and equal treatment of all NIU students. But the Star wanted to be exempt from these rules, probably because the know they could never follow them and definitely because they feel they deserve special treatment and others don’t. The Star says the Regent’s speech was “just plain pitiful”. Look who’s talking! I’ve never read anything more “pitiful” in my life than the editorial board’s articles. Maybe the editorial board thinks that they’re writing for the tabloid “Star” and not The Northern Star. This would explain why they consistently write unfactual and slanderous editorials. Thank God there will be two new members on the editorial board next year. Hopefully they won’t hold “personal grudges” like the current board does, and will bring the kind of editorials the students of NIU deserve: professional, sophisticated, and TRUTHFUL articles, not the tabloid quality garbage that’s been disgracefully printed this year!



Psychology/Political Science