Cold cancels classes

By Libby John

Classes that start at 8 and 9 a.m. today have been canceled because of low temperatures.

Staff meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste said temperatures today will be 10 to 15 degrees below zero with wind chills at 30 degrees below zero.

Faculty and staff, however, are to report at their regular times.

Sebenste said he recommended the closing.

“This is the very upper limit for this to happen,” he said.

Temperatures are expected to rise above zero by noon, which is the reason for the partial closing.

Provost Ivan Legg said another reason for the closing was because buses might have difficulty running in the morning.

“Buses will be on their usual schedule,” said John Acardo, Student Association chief of staff. “If we see any problems, we’ll do our best to let students know.”

Legg said he was advised that the buses might not be able to offer full service. It would be easier to cancel morning classes, he said.

He said school usually only closes for snow, but classes have been canceled before because of extremely cold weather.

Legg said he doesn’t see any further changes in today’s schedule.

Sebenste said students should dress in layers. Also, they should make sure their car is in working condition. If driving in rural areas, he said to make sure to have a cell phone.

Temperatures will be 10 to 15 degrees below zero through tonight and will warm up to the 20s on Saturday.