Deer season reopens Thurs.

By Douglas Martha

The second season of shotgun deer hunting season begins Thursday and lasts through Sunday.

“We look forward to the four-day season this weekend,” said Carol Knowles, spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. “The weather is supposed to be ideal for hunting, and they expect a larger harvest than the first season.”

According to the department’s Web site,, DeKalb County brought in 151 deer in November, compared to 165 last year. A total of 64,181 deer were brought in statewide, down form last year’s 67,537 during the first season.

“There were surprisingly high temperatures during the first season this year, and we see this upcoming season to be a good one,” Knowles said.

Along with hunting comes the issue of safety, and the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind citizens that full permission must be granted in order to hunt on somebody else’s property. It also is in violation of the law to hunt on railroad property or within 300 yards of a residence.

Property owners who experience problems with hunters are encouraged to call the sheriff’s office at 895-2155 or the department of conservation at 625-0086. When calling, be able to give as much information as possible to the police pertaining to the violations such as people, places, vehicles and confirmation of willingness to sign a complaint.

Hours for hunting range from a half-hour before sunrise until sunset.

“We look forward to a safe and successful season,” Knowles said, “and always wear your appropriate orange safety gear and get permission.”