Ridiculous ravings

This letter is a response to Ronna Gough’s letter about Greg Barrington’s cartoons.

First of all, if you don’t like them or if you think that they are “pathetic”, then don’t read them. Secondly, I’m sorry that the Pikes house caught on fire but you cannot point the finger at a cartoonist for drawing about the current events which happen on campus. That is ridiculous.

Obviously the fire was an accident and sometimes accidents do happen. But, why blame a cartoonist for drawing about it? Maybe Ronna, you should read Barrington’s cartoons a little more carefully to find out what he really is trying to say. Maybe then you won’t think they are so pathetic.

Barrington is, in my eyes, one of the best cartoonists on this campus. He expresses how many students, including myself, feel about different issues on this campus. Don’t “knock” him for doing that.


Math Education