Local artist’s cards benefit charity

By Douglas Martha

December is here, and it typically means shopping, sending cards and remembering the less fortunate.

Bob Myers and the Voluntary Action Center (VAC) in Sycamore have come up with a way to eliminate two of those from the list.

Myers designed a series of holiday cards that portray local train stations. All proceeds from the sales of the cards goes to the Meals-on-Wheels program.

This year marks the fourth installment in the series and features a train station in Genoa.

“I have actually received one of my own cards in the mail. The sender had no idea it was already mine,” Myers said.

Myers’ cards are not exclusive to DeKalb, however. His creation have been seen across the country.

Friends of Myers’ wife who live in Colorado had sent him one of his cards without knowing he made it.

“My wife still has her maiden name and they had no idea, but it’s good to see them get spread around like that,” Myers said.

All four prints are available for purchase at the the VAC, 1606 Bethany Road, Sycamore, as well as the Sycamore, DeKalb and Genoa Chambers of Commerce and other local businesses.

“These cards are just all over,” Myers said. “I didn’t send them out so I’m not sure where they are.”

Myers’ artwork also extends to glass etchings and architectural drawings in pen and ink.

“Other places to see my work include the train park in Rochelle, where they have some drawings and a postcard,” Myers said, of the expanding showcases of his work.

Myers is a mechanic at the VAC and can be contacted there for inquiries about his work.

“I enjoy drawing, especially when it is for such a worthwhile cause. Such a cause makes it even more worthwhile to do,” Myers said.