Evans Caddy Day to raise funds

By Maria Tortorello

Members of the Evans Scholar fraternity will be spending the day on the golf course for their philanthropy, the Second Annual Caddy Day.

The event will take place at 9 a.m. Saturday at the Kishwaukee Country Club.

Fraternity members caddy for members of the Kishwaukee Country Club to raise money for the United Way, an organization which donates time and resources to other charitable organizations in the DeKalb area, such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters of DeKalb, the Red Cross and Hope Haven.

“Normally, the members pay the caddies directly,” said Quentin Burrows, executive vice president of Evans Scholars. “This time all the money goes directly to the United Way.”

According to Burrows, last year the fraternity raised almost $2,000 during Caddy Day.

However, this year the fraternity hopes to make the event an even bigger success because last year’s problems have been worked out.

“We are trying to make it more professional this year,” Burrows said. “The few problems we had last year are taken care of and hopefully it will run more smoothly so we look better to the members.”

The members of the Kishwaukee Country Club who participate in Caddy Day will receive a package containing golf tees, pins and golf bag tags which acknowledge NIU Evans Scholars.

The Evans Scholars will be hosting another philanthropy in the fall, which is expected to raise another $2,000. If the fraternity reaches this goal, it could be one of the largest fundraisers on campus.

“We will be hosting another philanthropy in the fall and hopefully raise another $2,000,” Burrows said.

NIU’s chapter of Evans Scholars has the second largest fundraiser out of the 14 other chapter houses.

The members of Evans Scholars are recipients of a scholarship given by the Western Golf Association.

The scholarships are given to those who are caddies in financial need and display academic achievement, personal merit and an outstanding caddy record.