Celebrate the holiday safely

Today is a day synonymous with green beer, good times and drinking. What also should be on people’s agenda is being responsible about their good times and their drinking.

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday in which, for many, the celebrating of it calls for the drinking of beer. This form of celebration is especially popular on college campuses, where there really is no excuse too lame for the drinking of a cold one. But everyone participating in the celebration should remember to be responsible tonight.

Car accidents and deaths caused by drunk driving is a major contributing factor to deaths of college-age people. Responsible drinking is especially important on this day because many people who might not be usual drinkers will be partaking in the celebration. Celebrating students might choose to pick a designated driver or might choose to use public transportation. Others might find it easier to stay close to home and just walk to the nearest place with festivities.

Besides drunk driving, people should simply be careful not to overdo their drinking. Knowing one’s limit and watching out for friends that might go over what is safe should be a priority.

St. Patrick’s Day is associated with friends, laughter and some good Irish beer. Let’s all remember to be responsible and keep it safe, too. Because when it comes to irresponsible drinking and drunk driving, none of us want to be relying on luck.