SA offers $4,830 for resources for offices

By Mike Runested

Organizations with offices provided by the Student Association at the Campus Life Building will receive new resources because of student senate action.

The senate approved the allocation of $4,830 from general reserve funds Sunday night. The money will pay the installation charges and monthly usage fees associated with providing network access and local phone usage in the office of each organization.

Senate Clerk R.J. Gravel authored the bill in order to provide the additional resources needed for organizations to be active. He described current offices as “dusty rooms with counters.”

Organizations with offices are African Students Association, Piaso, Alpha Phi Omega, Black Student Union, College Democrats, College Republicans, FUTURE, Interfraternity Council and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said Brooke Robinson, SA Publication editor in chief.

The senate also confirmed the members and chairmen of its committees as appointed by Senate Speaker Andrew Nelms. The committees are finance, internal affairs, public affairs, student association services and university policy.

The SA bylaws provide the public affairs committee, student association services committee and university policy committee elect their own chairmen internally.

“It has been a long-standing tradition for the speaker to appoint the chair [of these committees] with the unanimous consent of the committee members … what has been done tonight is what has been done in the past,” Nelms said. Nelms also explained the members of each committee still have the option of holding their own internal election if they wish to do so.

Confirmed members of the finance committee are Andrew Josephson (ex officio chairman), Donna Dalton, Steven Illingworth, Conicia Jackson, Kimberly Miller, Andrew Nelms (ex officio voting member), Rachel Powe, Delia Ramirez, Carl Williams and Anbudaiyan Praveen.

Members of the Internal Affairs Committee are Andrew Nelms (ex officio voting member and chairman), Sandy Cardenas, William Leahy, Jessica Majkowski, Nick Pappanduros, Phil Stroud and Eric Youngquist.

Confirmed members of the public affairs committee are Douglas Reisinger (chairman), Rocio Castellanos, Peggy Keiner, Pam Lake, Hetal Patel, Rahman Lakhani, Derrick Green and Jonathan Harvey.

Confirmed members of the Student Association services committee are Michael Potjeau, Jenny Mendez, Janet Rodriguez, Mitchell Channell, Reginal Cooper and Oliver Vazquez.

Confirmed members of the university policy committee are Latienda Williams (chairman), Hagar Allen, Scott Braun, Keith Kruchten, Kathleen Smyrniotis, Tracy Stubbins, Ryan Ortiz and Henry Ramirez.

The senate also changed the start time of its Oct. 19 meeting to 5:30 p.m. to accommodate a potential Cubs’ World Series game.