This letter is in response to Tim Clancy’s letter in the Oct. 11 issue of The Northern Star.

I am now entering my fifth year at NIU, and I have read hundreds of letters printed in The Northern Star. I must say that your letter, Tim, is the most conceited and condescending letter I’ve read.

Your appalling tone of voice is exceptionally loathsome, Tim, given the impotency of your argument. It is really a horrible commentary on this university that someone could spend five years here and be devoid of any rational sensibilities.

I read Dan Grzeca’s letter (to which you responded) and I found it so poigant and concise that I cut it out and pinned it on my wall. But seeing as how you missed the point completely, Tim I’ll try to spell it out for you.

Dan is a taxpayer, and as such he funds government programs. The NEA is a government program, therefore Dan pays for the NEA. See how that works Tim?

Dan asks, “Who decides what is ‘obscene’ and why?” Well, as the tax paying customer for this ‘art’, I guess Dan gets to be the judge.

Unfortunately, Tim, folks like you and Anne Abbato figure this shouldn’t be the case. You figure that Jesse Holms should make that decision for everyone.

Dan doesn’t want to pay for a product which has been tampered with. So he puts pressure on his politicians to allow the NEA to be what it was designed to be

That is, a government program designed to subsidize American artists. Artists with the unique ability to express themselves without the threat of government reprisal or inhibition.

Thusly, Dan objects to the bastardization of his government program, the NEA, by narrow-minded, self-righteous individuals like yourself and Jesse Helms.

Still conscious, Tim? I doubt it. Intellectually vacant sorts like yourself are usually easier to slip into a sleep devoid of reason when confronted with new ideas.

Chris Newman

Graduate Student