Only God says

No Christian has the right to condemn another’s sexual habits, nor do they have the right to declare someone a sinner. No one has the right to tell me where I stand with God except for God. This week I’ve seen two letters written by Christians, Sean Michael Kenney in the Feb. 23 issue, and Scott Stocking in the Feb. 25 issue, and both of these letters really irk me. These people are expressing their beliefs and views, which is great, but people don’t condemn others for their beliefs and values. If I choose to be pro-choice, it doesn’t make me a murderer. At least that’s not my intention. I don’t advocate abortion, nor do I feel it is good and right, but I’m not going to impose my values on others. It is their choice, and they have good reasons for making that choice. I am willing not only to accept that, but also to respect that.

The same goes for sexual habits. This “Great Condom Rating Contest” has been causing a lot of flak. If you believe the school shouldn’t be doing this, fine, but don’t tell others when or how to practice sex. Heterosexual monogamy (as the Christians try to phrase it in a politically correct form) is my choice, but this doesn’t mean it has to be the choice for everyone else. If they choose to have sex, and if they feel they have made the right decision, they have every right to do so without being condemned. Condemning them and calling them sinners will not change them, it will only show your own narrow-mindedness.

I’m sorry if I offend any Christians, but some Christians offend me, and as shocking as this may sound, I myself am a Christian. But I choose to accept other people’s beliefs and decisions and respect them. What makes me different from many other Christians is that I don’t believe pro-choicers, homosexuals, bisexuals, and people of other religions are going straight to hell. I also don’t believe I have the right to judge anyone or where they stand with God. I don’t use Scripture to put others down. I don’t condemn anyone as a sinner or “unsaved” because of his sexual practices, religious beliefs, or even narrow-mindedness. Believe what you want, and I will respect your beliefs; if you choose to be homophobic, fine, but don’t step all over my beliefs or condemn others to hell. You don’t hold that right.



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