Better means

I strongly believe that there are other means to create a better image for our school rather than changing the name. I think that to create a better image we need to better counsel incoming freshmen. When a person is coming into this institution with very little or no knowledge of how they should go about their college career, they need someone to direct them in the right direction.

I also feel that students should not be allowed into upper-level courses as long as there is room. As far as I know there is no screening for this and unknowing freshmen find themselves in classes that they aren’t ready for. I’m sure for most of us it takes some time to get used to college life without having to deal with a class or classes that are over our heads. I get the feeling however, that the people who run this university really don’t care. After all, when those freshmen fail those classes that they aren’t ready for, they have to retake them and then the university gets your money all over again. Of course maybe they just don’t feel like getting out in four years. The point is that to create a better image we need to help the students, not change the name of their university.