Students urged to vote in SA elections

By Matt Gronlund

NIU students can voice their opinions and vote in the Student Association executive elections being held today and Wednesday.

Students can vote at DuSable Hall, Founders Memorial Library and at the Pow Wow from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The SA, NIU’s student government, allocates more than $1 million in student fees and acts as a voice and advocate for all fee-paying NIU students at the local and state level.

The SA consists of an executive board, the senate and the supreme court. This week’s elections are only for the executive branch of the SA.

Presidential candidates are Abe Andrzejewski, Eric Grice and incumbent SA President Paul Middleton. Vice presidential candidates are Anna Bicanic and David Gonzalez. Virginia Welch is the sole candidate for treasurer position.

Last year’s election had a high student turn-out with more than 2000 students voting, but a runoff election still was necessary because no one candidate received 50 percent of the votes.

Eventual winners were Paul Middleton as president, Anastasia Criscione for vice president and Tony Lopykinski as treasurer. All three were write-in candidates.

Controversy, however, plagued last year’s elections when Election Commissioner Lance Schart disqualified presidential candidate Maurice Thomas for campaign violations.

In addition, Schart himself drew attention when he resigned election night.

The present election commissioner, however, does not plan to follow in Schart’s footsteps.

“I was hired to do a job,” Election Commissioner Laura Niesman said. “I’m going to stay the course and complete the job.”