Even minimal cost is too much

If one cent is spent to change the name of NIU, it’s one cent too much.

With the possibility of NIU changing to the University of Northern Illinois, cost has remained a main concern to all.

Some administrators said Friday that the name change cost would be minimal. That prediction is doubtful at best. What does the administration consider minimal? Is $100 or $100,000 minimal?

Many people have not stopped to consider what must be changed. Basically anything and everything that has NIU printed on it. That long list includes stationary, the water tower by the residence halls, athletics’ uniforms, pamphlets, applications, signs, computer programs.

The cost of changing all those things will add up. The cost alone of repainting the water tower will be obscene. Coupled with the fact that most of NIU does not want the name change, the cost should not even be an issue.

In a time when tuition increases are wringing students’ pockets, one cent that is spent on something that will help a few people’s egos is ludicrous.

It seems shady that no real figures have been tossed around. Could it be that no one really knows and that certain administrators thought NIU would not care if its name was changed. Luckily, that is not the case. People spoke up last week and voiced their opinions overwhelmingly in NIU’s favor.

Maybe what the people of this university want for once should be important and then money won’t have to be considered.

Toss your egos aside, boys, and don’t let one cent be spent on something NIU doesn’t want.