It’s an insult

This concerns the proposal to change the name of Northern Illinois University to University of Northern Illinois. I think that we should not have to change our name to look better. If we think that we do not look good enough in the public’s eyes, then we may want to consider doing better. In doing better we may consider striving for academic excellence, and improving the attitude of our athletic department so that the athletes will start winning some games.

Northern Illinois University has earned the reputation of being a copy cat. We look at schools such as the University of Illinois and immediately we want everything that they have, yet we are not prepared to work for any of it. Sen. Brad Burzynski, why not leave our name alone and help us prove to the public that we are just as good as any other public institution. I personally am proud to be a student of Northern Illinois University, and changing the name of my school is an insult to my dignity.



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