Quit pouting

I am truly amazed at the reporting done by The Northern Star. As a student planning to vote in the upcoming Student Association elections, I feel very misinformed about the candidates’ qualifications and platforms. It is to my knowledge that several debates took place between the executive candidates last week, and the information that we received about them, which was very little, was completely useless. Instead The Northern Star focuses on such petty issues as the log in books for the present executive board. On Thursday The Northern Star implies that the executives have not worked the hours required and have unrightfully taken students’ money. Now I am confused, because on Friday the editorial board clearly stated that there is no doubt in their minds that the executives have put in their hours. The issue was based on a “policy” that was obviously misunderstood, not whether the executives really spent the time required. Why are students being mislead? Why don’t you stop wasting your time on an irrelevant issue and focus on the facts. Give the students information that they can really use. It is clear to see that your real motive for writing those articles was to retaliate against the current administration for zero funding the Northern Star. Quit pouting!!! Show some maturity and start reporting the real issues.



Health administration