Never before

Never in my time here at this institution have I thought I really needed to write a letter to the editor—although I have seen almost every reason to do so. But I now know that after a week of reading about dropping the athletic programs to Division III status, there are new heights to the stupidity level of some of the students who walk on this campus. No, wait, I believe that maybe these students are flying around campus as our guardian angels.

Why anyone would actually listen to the opinion of an SA senator is beyond me. They get to make NO decision on this subject. They can’t even get these senators to show up to the meetings, but it sure looks good on the resumes they have been formulating.

Maybe if certain senators like to see their names in this paper—sorry Abe—they should make statements and petitions for some causes on campus that actually make some sense, like “Does anyone clean the classroom floors in DuSable?” But that’s another subject.


Political Science