By Andrew Duff

“Sounds good, looks good, feels good too,” says the cover of Fischerspooner’s “#1,” the newly- released CD from a relatively popular European group consisting of Casey Spooner, Warren Fischer and a few others. I say that it must be relatively popular because someone appears to have run off with a good deal of the promotional material the Northern Star got regarding the new CD.

Now, I’ll admit that Fischerspooner’s album cover is horribly unattractive, featuring a sweaty person’s tongue and cheek covered in what appears to be poppy seeds. It takes a serious music consignor to pick up such an ugly CD.

“#1” has a focus on techno and club music, with some trance thrown in for good measure. However, some songs seem to be totally random, like the track “Ersatz,” which would be right at home in an old Nintendo game, and the only song that’s genuinely disturbing, “Mega C.” “Mega C” is all about a girl with rather severe bowel problems. Yeah, five-and-a-half minutes of a girl singing in a monotone voice about how she isn’t going to let her embarrassing problems of holding it in stop her from partying.

While a few of the songs on “#1” have some genuine talent behind them, like “Sweetness,” which makes good use of beat and rhythm for a pretty danceable tune, a couple of the songs are rather typical tuneless clubbing music, like the song “Horizon.”

The Fischerspooner Web site ( shows off an artistic side to the group, and the DVD included with the CD has a music video for the song “Emerge.” The video shows men and women dancing around in strange costumes, fighting in a muddy rainstorm, and Spooner screaming at the camera while dressed as a ringleader with lines of white paint spread over his face.

If you’re a fan of techno, Fischerspooner has enough interesting tracks to be worth a pick up, and even a casual listener can find a few pulse-pounding tracks to enjoy. Though Fischerspooner still is trying to choose between a music and drama, “#1” manages to combine the two styles into a pleasing, low-priced CD.