No “safe” values

Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder. This is more than a moralization, it is a fact of life. I cannot begin to count the numbers who have been hurt psychologically and physically because they tried to jump ahead of God’s plan for them sexually. Of course I am talking about heterosexual monogamy.

The Great Condom Rating Contest is an absurd demonstration of just how far society is removed from solid, “safe” values. STD’s and AIDS/HIV are behaviorally spread diseases. The Great Condom Rating Contest does nothing to discourage the behavior which causes the spread of these deadly diseases. The GCRC is, in part, a commercialization of sex, and free advertising for the condom companies.

I am urging all students to boycott the GCRC and say “NO!” to sexual contact outside of a heterosexual, monogamous marriage relationship. This is the only way to effectively prevent and stop the transmission of STD’s and AIDS/HIV.

Some 35,000 condoms are supposed to be distributed. Assuming half of these are used for “practice” (no sexual contact intended), we can expect, even with perfect use, that some 300 to 600 condoms will fail, and this is only failure which leads to pregnancy. But actual use failure rates for college age students is 22 percent for white, unmarried 20_24 year olds, and 36 percent for non_white, unmarried 20_24 year olds (Family Planning Perspectives, May/June 1989, pp. 103_9). Given this alarming statistic, Health Enhancement Services can expect to find that 3850 to 6300 condoms will fail. Do you want to be wearing one of those condoms that fails during sexual contact? Michael Haines and Steve Lux, do you want these statistics on your conscience?

Students of NIU, get smart. Don’t let HES give you the line that condoms are “safer.” It is no safer to play Russian Roulette than it is to point a loaded gun at your head. Boycott the Great Condom Rating Experiment.


Campus Minister

Christian Campus Ministry