I’m not surprised

I am writing in response to the flood of letters applauding the new Club Omega at J.P. Hannigan’s, however, this response doesn’t surprise me. DeKalb has been in need of an underage social outlet for longer than I’ve been a student here, but that’s an old issue. Hasn’t the 21 to drink, 18 to party system been submitted to the City Council and been rejected before? It works at U of I, but for some reason, they feel it won’t work here in DeKalb. Now J.P. Hannigan’s and Omega Psi Phi (Inc.?) are slipping through the cracks.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for underage social spots, but shouldn’t these policies be implemented city-wide instead of catering to the five percent minority student population? I spent three years at NIU as a minor and either lived by the rules or found a way around them. I did not ask for special treatment based on the color of my skin. I would have loved to have gone to Andy’s or Otto’s to see bands without having to fool a bouncer, but I was told it would never happen. I guess they were wrong, but it is happening.

Lack of underage social activities is not a racial problem, it is a campus-wide social problem. I’m not sure if Club Omega is operating within the law, but I know this system wouldn’t fly at AMEX.