Stop crabbing

This letter is written in response to Brian Wienick’s sports editorial which appeared Feb. 16.

Brian, I am obliged to take issue with your entire tirade, yet I will specify on two points.

First of all, what message are you trying to convey when you write, “No one will go broke over $60, and if you will, you shouldn’t be at this school.” Where should you be? Fighting for your life in Chicago’s west side? Is this what you mean? I do not consider myself an elitist nor do I associate this school with elitism, but that’s the snobbish, arrogant idea which you get across, and I take offense.

Secondly, you write, “However, academics are not suffering. Athletics are.” WHAT?!?! Where do you spend your waking hours, beneath Huskie stadium? As a student in the school of Liberal Arts and Sciences, I strongly beg to differ. Academics ARE suffering. Increasingly we are faced with more cuts in our programs and inferior instruction. But I guess you can’t see this from the gym.

Finally, I’m sure you feel I just don’t understand or appreciate the world of sports. If this is so, then I openly challenge you to a test of sports wit. I assure you my knowledge and appreciation of sports (both professional and intercollgiately) runs ten-fold deeper than yours. However, as a student who keeps seeing the light at the end of the tunnel remain at a distance while I must fight and scrap and spend more money so I can finally graduate and while I must also think about my future of paying off debts—I cannot stand in your corner. I do not feel it is I that must re-enroll elsewhere because our athletic programs are up to par, but incessant crybabies like yourself who failed to gain entrance in Duke or Notre Dame in the first place!