Northern Illinois University’s Holmes Student Center is operating under a hypocritical double-standard within its ranks.

Last spring, Judd Baker, HSC director, refused to allow a recognized student group to display a video which graphically illustrated the true horrors of abortion. Mr. Baker wasted no time in condemning the video as “obscene and pornographic” and establishing a policy which requires all videos to be screened and judged appropriate at his discretion.

Yet when confronted with the “obscene and pornographic” poster advertising the “Black Crowes” displayed openly at the CAB office and outside the Pow Wow, Mr. Baker took no significant action to insure that the offensive poster promptly be removed. The poster depicts a naked woman with large, oversized breasts, an open, cheshire-cat-grinning mouth where the woman’s vagina ought to be and numerous sexual and phallic symbols and images which should make the most radical feminists want to vomit.

I am truly saddened that this institution is choosing to protect subjective interpretations of reality while squelching the truth about real horrors which confront our nation. The Holmes Student Center administration, the CAB office and University Programming and Activities have turned a deaf ear and blind eye toward this reprehensible display and should be duly reprimanded by the university.


DeKalb Resident