Inspired reply

Judith Testa’s long needed response to Michael McVey’s latest ravings inspires me to reply: Yes, the Mad Bombers of Operation Rescue will bomb doctors’ offices and drug stores. Of course it’s all right to kill already born people while striving to protect the unborn. Fetuses haven’t had a chance to be saved yet, according to one of the more simpering pamphlets I collected at “Life Awareness Day” a couple of weeks ago. See, if you believe the white male born_again Xian fanatics and their toadies, like McVey and his pal Beth, the fetuses deserve to be born and baptized so they have a chance to be indoctrinated with the Word before we slaughter them. But if you’re already born, you’ve had your chance. And if you’re not white, male, heterosexual and/or celibate, you’d better be ready to get down on your knees and die for your deviance. See? It’s all quite simple. Then again, I’m neither a meterology grad student nor the possessor of a penis, so what can I possibly know about God?