Get rocked with PrAnK

By Peter Boskey

Partying and drinking. That is what this week’s featured local band, PrAnK, is all about. PrAnK is composed of four NIU students and an NIU alumnus. They are Aaron O’Clarre on lead guitar, Shelby Martin on bass, Scot Schaumburg on guitar/vocals, Dave Burdick on drums/vocals and Sam Kong on acoustic guitar/vocals.

-How would you describe PrAnK’s sound?

“I think we fall in that niche between punk, jam and pop. Pretty much like party rock. If you’re not drinking, dancing, or laughing, we’re going to play a little harder.”

What does the audience expect at a PrAnK show?

“The unexpected. Our gimmick is we don’t have one. Sometimes we come on to the stage wearing wifebeaters and pajama pants, you never know. We always have girls flashing us and body shots are popular. We also encourage debauchery [excessive indulgence]. The only thing people can expect is a good show.”

How did PrAnK come about?

“Shelby and Scot were in basic training together. Then they met Aaron through the National Veterans Fraternity. Dave worked with Shelby and then we met Sam at school.”

Where did you guys get the name?

“We felt it just fit with our styles and our stage antics. We don’t take things too seriously.”

Who are past groups/artists that influenced you guys?

“The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Eric Clapton. Shelby listened to a lot of industrial and a little Sex Pistols back in the day.”

What current groups have influenced the group?

“We’re big into Weezer and Tenacious D. Also Jimmy Eat World and Dave Matthews.”

Where can people see you play?

“At The Lost Mine in Sycamore and at Otto’s Underground. We’re playing in Carbondale in a few months and in Iowa next semester. We’re also working with places in the city and Wisconsin.”

If you are interested in hearing what PrAnK has to offer, visit their Web site or visit, where they are listed as PrAnK, DeKalb IL.