To all bashers

This letter is in response to the entire Northern Star staff that continues to bash NIU athletics. I don’t usually name names, but in this case, I’m calling out Phil Dalton. Are you surprised, Phil?

Phil’s description that NIU’s football team “consistently sucks” clearly states his point of view towards NIU athletics as a whole. When was NIU football’s last winning season, Phil? I almost can’t remember 1990, can you? Does having two losing seasons in a row constitute sucking? Another question for you, Phil. Were you denied acceptance to U of I and forced to attend lowly NIU, you Slimfast reject? If you can dish out all your rude and inappropriate comments, I’m sure you can take a few.

I think that our student fees are wasted when they go toward the garbage you have written in the Star. Phil, reading your article made me laugh at your ignorance towards intercollegiate athletics. I’d like you to know that NIU’s athletes know your views and can complain to you. Are you man enough to stand by your words, Phil?



Baseball Player

Marketing Major