Dealing with a lost OneCard

By Andrew Duff

We all have one. Whether it’s nestled in your wallet or buried in your purse, NIU’s OneCard ID is an essential part of your day-to-day life in college.

Started in July 1996, it’s not only an ID, but also a library card, Office of Campus Recreation pass, door access card for late-night entry into residence halls, a quick way to get a drink out of a vending machine and an even faster way to register to vote. It’s a free pass to a host of athletic events, and the holder of money for student’s meal plans and Huskie Bucks, besides being an ATM card.

It’s also the only way to get any laundry done on campus.

So what happens if you lose it?

“I’d go to the TCF bank office, because my account is linked to it,” said Chris Rogers, a senior corporate communication major.

Possessing an ID with all of these features can be harrowing, so if you find a OneCard, you shouldn’t leave it just anywhere.

Tariq Khan, a freshman French major, said that if he found a OneCard, he would head down to his residence hall’s office and give it to someone there.

“It’s very important, if you’ve lost your card, to go contact the OneCard office,” said Tamara Farley, director of Treasury Operations and Financial Affairs. “Or students can contact their food manager’s office, who can issue a temporary yellow card.”

Food manager’s offices are located in a student’s residence hall. After hours, students should contact University Police.

“I think most people who have money on their card treat it with respect,” said Kathe Shinham, associate vice president of financial affairs.

NIU OneCards, if lost and not found, carry a $15 replacement fee.

Each year the OneCards have had new features added, the biggest of which is the Huskie Bucks program, which Shinham hinted as just the beginning.

“We’re thinking about some [new features], but none for this year,” Shinham said. “Maybe next year.”

New features, such as having students swipe into class for attendance, have been requested, but never fully looked into.

“We haven’t gone into academia much,” Farley said.

If you lose your NIU OneCard, or if you find one, call the OneCard office at 753-9569.