WKDI goes AM

We are writing on behalf of WKDI, NIU’s only student run radio station. Until recently, WKDI was available only to those people with cable hookups. On February 8, we officially began broadcasting on WSQR 1560 AM Sycamore. We are still broadcasting on 93.5 FM cable as well. The AM frequency is a giant step for WKDI, as it will allow us to reach a much larger audience. We are extremely grateful to everyone at WSQR for giving us this opportunity to expand our horizons and receive invaluable experience with real on-air operation. We will also be forever thankful to Robin Cross, Mike Lazar and everyone else at WNIU for assisting us in our efforts. Finally, we are also thankful to all the students that have been with us through it all. With your support, we can again become a national college radio power as we were in the early 1970’s. Please spread the word around campus and don’t be afraid of AM. Our request number is 753-WKDI (9534). Remember, WKDI is YOUR college radio station. Tune in and support it!!



WKDI Staff