SA drops an easy pass

The Student Association was supposed to conduct some serious business Sunday. Unfortunately, some senators thought the serious business at hand was the Super Bowl.

And like the Buffalo Bills, the SA’s credibility was pummeled Sunday when a majority of senators failed to attend its meeting. However, the Bills, unlike the SA, at least showed up and tried to play the game.

A sparse 15 senators showed up for roll call, three stragglers came in late bringing the total to 18, well under the number needed for a quorum. The absent senators apparently had more important things to do than their elected duties.

The neglect was felt by several groups who showed up at the meeting to be recognized and receive funding. The senate also couldn’t approve advertising adviser nominee Kathy Brandenberg, who will have to return next week. If approved, she surely will have her work cut out for her, selling this senate.

The SA whines that it doesn’t have credibility and aren’t taken seriously, but how can it be when incidents such as this occur?

SA Sen. Dan Gaddis asked, “What’s more important, the Super Bowl or our agenda?” His answer seemed to be screamed loud and clear by the empty seats left by his fellow senators.

If the SA’s own senators have no respect for their agenda, why should anyone else?

Students can only hope that the missing senators bet on the Bills, and paid the price for their absence.