CAB plans trips to Chicago

By Andrew Duff

Scan the Northern Star’s editorial page and there’s a good chance another column has popped up complaining about nothing to do in DeKalb.

Disregarding all the clubs, sporting events and mingling on your residence hall floor, the Campus Activities Board is offering NIU students another chance to get out of the cornfields and have some fun that doesn’t involve Wal-Mart.

“CAB’s travel community plans trips to Chicago and the Chicagoland area,” said senior nursing major Nicole Weber, CAB’s travel coordinator.

Next month’s trip will be to a Chicago Bulls game, when the team faces the Dallas Mavericks. A trip later in November will take students to the Gurnee Mills shopping outlet.

“I’d probably go on the mall trip,” said Marjorie Davis, a sophomore majoring in social work.

While only two trips are planned for this semester, CAB has a number of ideas for next semester, with many other possible trips in the works.

“Next semester, we’re thinking trips to Second City, Mall of America, ‘Lion King’ on Broadway and a ski trip,” Weber said.

Not only is CAB offering trips that should appeal to most students, they also are requesting suggestions from students for future trips.

“We want the students’ position on what they want to do,” Weber said.

Committee meetings are at 5 p.m. Tuesdays at the Campus Life Building, Suite 160. All students are invited to attend and voice their suggestions.

Some students, when offered the prospect of a CAB-sponsored trip, were tentative to sign on.

“If I had the time, I would,” said Jordan Fredey, a freshman biology major, adding that the trips would need to be on the weekends before she would consider going.

It seems only time will tell if NIU will decide to support CAB’s attempts to bring entertainment to the student body.

For information, call Nicole Weber at 753-1580 or visit CAB’s Web site at