Fraternity focuses on love, truth, honor

By Maria Tortorello

This week’s House of the Week spotlight shines on the fraternity Sigma Nu.

The house’s national fraternity was founded in 1869 at Virginia Military Institution based on three principles that still hold strong in the fraternity today—love, truth and honor.

Sigma Nu was not colonized at NIU until more than a century later in 1970.

Thirteen students came together to begin NIU’s chapter of the fraternity. However, by the time the founders actually gathered a house and organization together, there were 40 to 50 students involved.

After gaining eight new pledges this semester, Sigma Nu now has about 60 members.

It is one of the smallest houses on campus.

“Everyone knows everyone,” said House Recorder Tony Leva. “Being one of the smallest houses makes participation easier.”

Leva also said being a member of one of the smallest houses allows much opportunity for advancement within the house.

“I’ve only been in the house a year and I’m already recorder,” he said.

Sigma Nu is one of the many houses participating in Greek Week.

Volunteers from the house will be going to Barb City Manor on Saturday to assist in Bingo with the residents.

Sigma Nu also will be participating in the clothing drive which will take place next Wednesday.

There are several advantages to being a member of Sigma Nu, one of them being the fraternity’s reputation as one of the highest-ranked national fraternities.

“The best thing about Sigma Nu is knowing we are one of the strongest national fraternities,” Leva said.

“Academically, I know we are pretty strong,” said Sigma Nu member Carl Vallianatos.

Another plus that comes with the package of being a member of the house is the bond among its members.

“The brotherhood is real strong,” Leva said. “Everyone gets along with everyone. It’s a real close-knit group.”

“One advantage is the closeness with the guys in the house,” Vallianatos said. “It’s closer than you can get to anyone in the dorms.”

Along with brotherhood, athletics is an important part in being a member of the fraternity.

“I expected (fraternity life) to be a lot of partying,” Vallianatos said. “Athletics and brotherhood are definitely more important than partying.”

The fraternity currently is involved in two intramural sports offered at the Office of Campus Recreation.

“Right now we are undefeated in five on five basketball and floor hockey,” Leva said.

When the time comes to choose the right men for Sigma Nu, the actives in the house look for specific qualities in a person.

“We are basically looking for some down-to-earth guys,” Leva said. “We are interested in someone who will do really well in the house and are respectful to themselves and others.”

Sigma Nu is not a fraternity which is only involved in sports. When the work day has come to an end and it’s time for relaxation, the company of the other members and some of their

friends is all the guys need.

“You’re never bored,” Vallianatos said. “Even if there is nothing to do we just hang out and that’s always fun.”

“We have brotherhood lock-ins and those are a lot of fun,” Leva said.

There are several memories that come along with being a member of Sigma Nu.

“We had a Beach Mixer with Delta Zeta,” Leva said. “For that we brought in 15 tons of sand. It was a lot of fun.”