Comedy jam laughed it up Saturday

By Talesha Herbert

Flashy rims, two wheels and a blue jersey became the spotlight as Tornado received a standing ovation Saturday night.

Comedian Big Daddy Woo Woo, aka Tornado, hosted Soule Infinite’s second-annual comedy jam Saturday at the Holmes Student Center’s Carl Sandburg Auditorium.

The well-known comedian sporting a blue jersey, rode a shiny, silver-rimmed bike on stage.

Tornado displayed a “100” on the front of his jersey, and Woo Woo on the back.

Tornado, also a comedian on the Jenny Jones show, said he enjoys his job.

“I can say everything I want to say and get away with it,” he said.

The comedian also advised some students at the comedy jam to get makeovers.

Leon Rodgers from Comic View and “Showtime at the Apollo” also performed.

After telling numerous jokes and cracking up the audience, Rodgers gave tickets away for a talent show at NIU.

The two tickets were given to two lucky people born on his birthday, July 7.

Among the performers was comedian Muhammad from the west side of Chicago. He will appear in the new movie “Get Together.”

Muhammad will act as a good friend from the ‘hood and also will sing toward the end of the movie with Kid Capri.

Although his role consists of acting silly, he is thankful to be a character in the movie.

“I was blessed to be a part of that,” he said.

C. Lewis, also a comedian from the comedy jam, will appear in the movie as a character who will take advantage of drunk women at a party.

Among the other special performers during the jam were SAM.I.AM and Elliot Ness.

The hip-hop singer, SAM.I.AM, was the first to perform and hyped a large crowd of students in the audience.

SAM.I.AM and crew sang “I Love Chi Town” and “Fiesta.”

Amy Tracz, a sophomore marketing major, volunteered to compete against five other women in a dance competition for $100 cash.

Although Tracz danced energetically off the stage, and down the aisles of the auditorium, she didn’t win best dancer.

“I was just having fun,” she said.

Julie Parini, a freshman psychology major, also participated in the dance competition. She was not the lucky winner either.

Although her favorite comedian for the night was Leon Rodgers, she only got a chance to speak to Tornado.

“It was fun talking to him,” she said.

Even though neither of the two women won the money, the $100 turned out to be a roll of 100 pennies. The winner of the prize was a dance major.