Scheming and dreaming

By Cara Donfrio

DreamTeam Entertainment presents a mix of music, comedy and modeling all in one night.

The group’s fourth NIU event begins at 7 p.m. Friday at the Holmes Student Center’s Carl Sandburg Auditorium.

Dubbed the “DreamTeam Talent Show,” the evening will feature a mix of rap and R&B music, comedy and modeling. The talent includes four NIU student groups that will bring their skills to the campus: Dance groups Rhythm Nation and Vibe, rap group The Enterprize and the Present Perfect Modeling Organization.

Also featured will be Bucwild and Ray Lipowski, two comedians from BET’s Comicview. The Battlecats and Crook County, two rap groups, also will appear along with R&B artist Papi.

Sam Baker, a junior communication major and president of DreamTeam, said Papi will “melt ladies’ hearts with his smooth voice.”

DreamTeam Entertainment became an official NIU organization this spring. Its members already have organized three other campus events, including an open-mic contest, a concert at Diversions Lounge last semester and a comedy show earlier this semester.

“We are a group of friends that want to make a change for the better on our campus by giving back to the students and having quality events,” Baker said.

In addition to shows, they also have donated clothing to the Salvation Army and money to NIU’s Single Parent Organization. Baker stressed the organization’s dedication to helping the community and getting everyone involved.

“We want everyone to come to the show,” he said. “Blacks, whites, Greeks, Arabs – everyone!” He also welcomed NIU President John Peters to attend the event.

Baker stressed the importance of people taking action and fulfilling their responsibilities.

“Everybody’s talking,” he said. “You gotta get out there and do it. That’s what these students [performing] are doing.”

Tickets for this event are $5 and can be purchased at Stevenson Towers from 5 to 7 p.m. daily before the show. Tickets also are available for $7 at the door.