Student leaders honored by scholarship program

By Clint Gendusa

Students with strong leadership characteristics should check out NIU’s award and scholarship program.

For many years, NIU students have been recognized through a program set up to commend students for their quality of leadership in local groups and organizations on and off campus.

Rick Clark, associate director of University Programming and Activities (UP&A), said, “Individuals from a wide range of activities with positive leadership have applied in the past.”

The leadership awards are available to seniors graduating in May or December and undergraduate students in leadership positions.

The honors include two $500 awards for computer science and business majors from the New Resource Corp. and another $500 award from UNI Quality Systems Solutions, Inc. for computer science majors with outstanding leadership.

Also, two $75 awards will be given out by the Women’s Club Volunteerism. Other awards include waivers of tuition for one or two semesters.

Organizations with members who have applied for the awards and scholarships include the Campus Activities Board, The Northern Star, athletic clubs, fraternities and sororities.

Individuals from all organizations are looked at equally and will be awarded based on the quality of their leadership, not the quantity of their leadership positions.

A committee evaluates letters of recommendation from instructors and advisers and a completed application with listed leadership positions and activities to award the most deserving.

UP&A also is involved with Who’s Who Among American College Students. Students and parents attend a ceremony followed by a reception which acknowledges the students’ achievements.

Applications for all awards and scholarships must be obtained from the UP&A office on the sixth floor of the Holmes Student Center by Feb. 1.