Clinton has right to Hillary

Bill Clinton promised Americans a better health care system, and he’ll do whatever he can to get it, even if it means recruiting his wife to do the job.

Clinton announced this week that his wife, Hillary, will head a six-member task force that will find a way to help cut health care costs and make health care available to 37 million Americans who do not have coverage. Methods being considered to reach this goal include mandatory health insurance coverage of employees by their employers, tax breaks for smaller businesses to help ease the financial impact and revamping current malpractice laws.

Clinton’s health-care-of-the-future plan has been scrutinized by many, as has his wife’s active role in his campaign. As a result, his decision to appoint his wife as head of the task force is only adding fuel to the fire, but the decision is completely within his rights. The president’s appointment of the first lady to a government position is unprecedented, but according to law, it is legal as long as she is not paid, which she will not be.

With the appointment of Hillary Clinton as the head of the task force, both she and the president should realize that favoritism will not be tolerated by cabinet members or the American public.

Bill Clinton made a promise to Americans and as long as he keeps it, it shouldn’t matter who helped him.