More opinion

After reading the Jan. 21 article concerning homosexuals in the military, I felt nothing but embarrassment for the ignorance and closedmindness shown by Scott Sandee and Skip Hogberg. Although I am neither a homosexual nor a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, I feel that I too am entitled to my own opinion regarding this issue.

Due to the discriminatory nature of the ban on homosexuals, I am strongly opposed to it. If Sandee and Hogberg are worried about not being able to concentrate on their jobs, perhaps they truly do not belong in the military. In fact, maybe they do not belong here at NIU . It is very likley that some of their fellow classmates are in fact homosexuals. Are Sandee and Hogberg unable to concentrate on their school work because NIU does not discriminate on the basis of sexual preference?

I am certain that Sandee and Hogberg will disagree with my opinion – that’s fine. I can respect their opinion, even though they probably won’t respect mine. I only hope that in the future, Sandee and Hogberg, along with everyone else, can try and keep an open mind regarding all issues.

Carrie Lentz

Political Science