Ginny Owens

By Amy Armalis

As a Christian artist, Ginny Owens may not be well-known to those of the modern generation, but her 1999 freshman album scored three No. 1 hits. “Something More,” her sophomore release, looks to be just as successful on the Christian charts.

The album has a lot of piano, giving a touching feel to accompany the lyrics she’s written on 11 of the album’s 12 tracks. “This Road” and “All I Want to Do” are examples of the comforting tone of the music. Owens writes touching lyrics about being lost for “This Road.”

“A million miles from away from anything familiar/ A thousand places I would rather be/ So I choke back the tears and try to find the bright side/ Though I find it hard to see beyond my suffering.”

She credits the meaning behind the words to the six months following her first album’s release when she was traveling constantly and questioning her faith in God.

-Even with religious lyrics, mentions of Heaven and references to God, “Something More” paints a picture of a woman who’s looking for what else is important in life, much as we all are.

“True Story” sounds stripped-down from all pop or outside influences with its use of acoustic guitars and a piano that fades into the background. The song then picks up with a drum machine to keep the beat through most of the first verse and choruses.

The up-tempo – compared to the rest of the album – “Simply Love You” questions belief in God and talks about desires to return to faith.

Without conscious attention to detail, Owens’ music does not seem to be Christian by any means. The songs sound as any other adult-contemporary or pop female artist would present her music. She gives emotion through the words and inflections of a sweet voice.

The use of synthesizers in songs like “With Me,” “Something More” and “The Hand” gives the album a more adult sound, but it isn’t totally developed. Owens’ ballads and lyrics are what show her maturity.

Those looking for some faith in song should consider adding Ginny Owens to their music collection. Those interested in music with a comforting sound would be interested in Owens as well.