DeKalb’s new city manager settles into position

By Sean McClellan

DeKalb’s new city manager has settled into his new position with no problems.

William Nicklas, appointed to the city manager position on Nov. 10, carries out the porgrams and policies of the DeKalb City Council and mayor as an administrative officer.

“I just carry out the wishes of the council,” Nicklas said. One of the duties includes creating an agenda for city council meetings.

Nicklas said he feels settled into the job with his feet planted firmly on the ground. “It’s better other people judge me. I’m not one to brag about myself.”

Nicklas said he has become familiar with the concerns, programs, priorities and long range plans of the city – a goal he set when he accepted the position.

Nicklas also has played an active part in establishing the 1992 property tax levy for DeKAlb. He recently negotiated a new two-year contract with the AMerican Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). The AFSCME union holds the bargaining power for city, street, water, custodial, and secretarial employees.

Also, Nicklas has served in the city government since 1986 when he became the chief code enforcement officer. In 1988, he became the acting director of community development and eventually was appointed to the position of director of building and community services.

Nicklas, an NIU alumnus, has earned a master of arts and a doctoral degree.